Saturday, 23 July 2016

Piling Information in the UK

Piling or mini piling or underpinning is a way in which building foundations can be laid down and each style of building foundation has their own specific strengths and weaknesses. For example underpinning is the cheapest, mini piling allows you to work in tight areas and piling is the most expensive but we will go into more details on this below:


Piling is the general process in which building foundations are laid. They provide stability and security to the building and is the glue that holds it together. Piling can also be rather expensive but relatively speaking not so. What I mean by this is that piling costs a fair amount but without it a house cannot be constructed which is a lot more expensive than piling!

Mini Piling

Mini Piling is basically piling except, you know, mini. It is most commonly used when it comes to conservatories, extensions and orangeries. This is because these are small (again relatively speaking) and more maneuverability is required. This is why mini piling is preferred in these situations.


Underpinning is basically piling except with a different material. This means the tubes and work is not made out of metal allowing it to be a lot cheaper. This is perfect for small extensions, conservatories or orangeries because their small weight (again again relatively speaking) can be supported by the underpinning.

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